Hauling Boats and Storage

  • Haul boats up to 10,000 Lbs.
  • We offer short hauls to get your bottom cleaned or inspected.
  • We also handle Winter Storage hauls as well.
  • Boat Weighing

Bottom Painting

  • Racing/Sprayed Bottom 
  • Cruising Bottom
  • Epoxy Bottom 
  • Ablative/Hard Bottom 
  • Blister Repair 
  • New Bottoms 

Keel Repair

  • Major Structural Repair 
  • Minor Gouge Repair
  • Keel Fairing
  • Electrolysis

Awlcraft and Awlgrip

  • Hull Paint Job 
  • Boot Stripe Paint Job 
  • Cove Stripe Paint Job
  • Non-skid Paint Job 
  • Top Side Paint Job 
  • Paint Touch-up

Gelcoat Repair

  • Major Gelcoat Restoration 
  • Minor Gelcoat Chips
  • Spider Crack Reapir
  • Previously Unmatched Repair 
  • Non-skid Pattern Match

Fiberglass and Structural Coreing

  • Evaluate Boat Damage
  • Deck core Job 
  • Boat Collision Repair
  • New Fabrication
  • Minor Fiberglass Repair
  • Major Bottom Gouging Repair

Bulkhead Repairs

  • Minor Bulkhead Repair 
  • Major Bulkhead Refit 
  • Chainplate Rebed
  • Minor Paint Touch-up

Carpentry and Teak Finishing

  • Application of Cetol, Varnish, or Oil to Finish the Teak
  • New Teak Refinishing 
  • Teak Restoration 
  • New Fabrication 

...and much more

Service List

We are constantly adding services to fit our customer's need. If you don't see a service on the list, reach out to us! We may be able to service your boat repair needs.

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From hauling boats to bottom painting, to  gelcoat work to major fiberglass jobs, inquire below and we would love to meet your needs.

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