Hauling Boats and Storage

We can handle pulling boats up to 12,000 Lbs. We can handle short hauls to get your bottom cleaned or inspected. We can handle Winter Storage as well.


Bottom Painting

We can tackle all kinds of Bottom Jobs; racing bottoms, cruising bottoms, Ablative, and Hard Bottoms. Consult with us today.


Bottom Repair

Whether your deailing with flaking paint, blisters, or bottom damage; Consult with us today on how to get this solution fixed.


Keel Repair

Whether your keel is leaking through a crack or ran into a crab pot and have some gouges, we can find the solution for you. We also can do fairing on the keel to make it hydrodynamic with our ‘template’ system.


Awlcraft and Awlgrip

Wheteher your looking for a new paint job or looking to convert your boat from gel to paint, leave your boat in our hands to bring that transformation to life. 


Gelcoat Repair

Whether you have spider cracks, chips, or need a previous unmatched repair fixed, we can handle those needs.


Fiberglass and Structural Coreing

Coreing is what gives your boat strength. Overtime, water can penetrate the core causing it to breakdown. Once this happens, the wet coring needs to be cut out and replaced with a highly effecient closed cell foam. This will give your boat the structural integrity the it needs. We can handle deck, topside, and bottom re-coreing jobs.


Bulkhead Repairs

Whether the bulkhead is rotted due to moisture or its comprimised due too a collision, we can evaluate what is best for your boat.


Carpentry and Teak Finishing

We can apply Cetol, Varnish, or oil to finish the teak. Whether your looking for maintenence coats or looking to start from scratch with teak added to your boat and then varnished, consult with us today.


LEaking Hatches

We can evaluate your leaking hatches, deadlights, cabin slides and much more to prescribe the best solution for each issue.


...and much more

Consult with us today if you don’t see what you need, we are always adding services to our list.

Why choose Muller Marine?

A tradition of bringing value and premium customer service to Annapolis boat owners has been the foundation of Muller Marine for nearly three decades. Our staff is passionate about being the best marina in the Annapolis area.

Service List

We are always adding services to fit what our customer's need. If you don't see it on the list, reach out and we may be able to help you with that service. 

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