Custom Fabricated Drop boards are an essential piece of any boat!

If your on this page, you are most likely looking for new Drop Boards for a J30 or a similar Boat! Look no further then our custom made J30 drop boards below.

Drop Boards do the following;

They function as security to keep all your valuables safe from an intruder.

They keep weather from destroying the cabin, whether that is a rain storm or a qiant wave coming over the transom

We made this drop board below for a J30 Sailboat.

This is custom made from a piece of 4’x8′ Acrylic. Acrylic will stand up to weathering much better then classic teak boards. Also, Acrylic will let natural sunlight in and also comes available in a couple different tints.

If you are wanting new drop boards created, give us a call at 410-6262-1238 or email at [email protected]