When Winter arrives it’s time to get your boat out of the water and stored properly to maintain the vessel, keeping it in excellent condition for next season! 

The most important factor for storing your boat is to keep it dry.

  • Make sure you drain all of the systems and components on-board (besides the fuel tank)…anything that can get wet from outside conditions, make sure it can properly drain while in storage.  

  • Take out all of the seat cushions and any other upholstery that can be removed. Store these in a covered space.

  • Make sure to Winterize the Engine

  • Consider getting your boat Shrink Wrapped

  • Keep the boat inside a garage

Need help with winter storage for your boat in Annapolis?

Muller Marine is a full-service marinas offering complete winter packages that include hauling, blocking, winterizing and shrink wrapping the boat. Let us handle all the maintence required to properly store your vessel to ensure you don’t take the risk of personally making a mistake that results in damage to your investment. 

Muller Marine is currently accepting applications for monthly Winter Storage. Please reach out to us directly or submit an Estimate Request to learn how we can serve you.